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Titanic: Untold Stories (1998)

IMDb 7.4 Genre:

768,040 views a unique and personal account of the people and the tragedy. In never-before-seen footage, we journey with historian Charles Haas as he descends into the depths of the North Atlantic and guides us on a tour of the Titanic. While recounting tales of triumph and struggle, we see the doors where all passengers would have entered, peer through the porthole of a first class cabin, and pause by the mailroom where the postal workers died. With this compelling footage plus letters, old stills, artefacts and new recreations we tell the human stories of this famous ship as never before.

Playboy Video Centerfold: The Dahm Triplets (1998)


68,230 views Director: Scott Allen
Cast: Erica Dahm, Jaclyn Dahm, Nicole Dahm, Vanessa Gleason, Karl Boule, Ron McCoy, Kirk McMahon, Sebastian La Cause, Dominic Maldonado, Timothy Szczepabski, Craig Arranga, Mary Irvine, Cassie Kaser, Nathan P. Krause, Amy Loftus

Jackie Chan: My Story (1998)


61,850 views MY STORY gives an in-depth profile of the international action star, from his early days in the film industry as a stunt man on Bruce Lee's films to his status as the one of the world's foremost action stars. Filmed during the time his film MR. NICE GUY was in production, MY STORY is filled with rare footage from Chan's personal archives as well as interviews from friends, family and admirers and clips from all of his hit movies.

Playboy: The Best of Jenny McCarthy (1998)


59,810 views MTV's Favorite Co-Host Singled Out

Pablo Escobar: King of Cocaine (1998)

58,340 views Incorporating never before-seen archival footage, home movies and interviews with family members, journalists and law enforcement officials, PABLO ESCOBAR: KING OF COCAINE tells the story of the twisted Robin Hood who founded the Medellin cartel cocaine smuggling organization and became the first billionaire criminal in South America.

Jerry Springer To Hot For TV 2 (1998)


47,030 views Hi, I'm Jerry Springer and you're about to get a private, home screening of our latest uncut, uncensored, unbelievable new home video...'Jerry Springer Too Hot For TV, Part 2!'" "We've had some pretty wild moments on our show and our television viewers get to see a lot of them. But there's also quite a few things the censors just won't let us show: Fights that go a bit too far; Women who wear just a bit too little; and the cursing - some of our guests would make sailors cover their ears!" "So let's get to the good stuff - Roll It!" - Jerry Springer,1998

Playboy Video Playmate Calendar 1999 (1998)


44,670 views Director: Scott Allen
Cast: Heather Kozar, Kalin Olson, Holly Joan Hart, Julia Schultz, Maria Gil, Marliece Andrada, Daphne Duplaix, Donna D'Errico, Layla Roberts, Deanna Brooks, Inga Drozdova, Karen McDougal, Neil Ross

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Eddie Murphy (1998)

35,480 views Before he was The Nutty Professor, before he was Dr. Dolittle, and even before he was the Beverly Hills Cop, Eddie Murphy was an SNL comic! From 1981-1984 he entertained us with sketches as Gumby, Mister Robinson, Buckwheat, Velvet Jones and many more! He was before Chris Rock, Tracey Morgan, and Tim Meadows! And after Garrett Morris!

Sex in a Cold Climate (1998)

31,000 views Interlocking interviews of 4 women interred in various Magdalene asylums and/or orphanages because of out-of-wedlock pregancies, being sexually assaulted, or just being "too pretty" (believe it or not).

The Path of the Dragon (1998)

30,760 views Director: Walt Missingham
Cast: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Peter Archer, Robert Baker, Jackie Chan, James Coburn, Gil Hubbs, Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, Dan Inosanto, Taky Kimura, George Lazenby, Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee, Shannon Lee, Joe Lewis, Steve McQueen, Walt Missingham, Andre Morgan, Chuck Norris, Richard Norton, Cynthia Rothrock, John Saxon, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Robert Wall, Biao Yuen

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