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Playboy: Girls Next Door, Naughty and Nice (1997)


227,580 views Director: Scott Allen
Cast: Bethany Lorraine, Elisa Bridges, Daphne Duplaix, Karen McDougal, Kelly Monaco, Kalin Olson, Stacy Sanches, Shauna Sand, Carrie Stevens, Lisa Marie Bacchus, Amanda Belmal, Kimberly Dimple, Lisa Fugate, Eileen Gutierre, Doris Karlsen

Playboy Video Playmate Calendar 1998 (1997)


47,480 views Of all of Playboy's Video Playmate Calender's, this one has perhaps the best selection of Playmates. Kimber West, Lynn Thomas, Nadine Chanz, and Kelly Monaco all are sizzling. The others aren't bad either, even if not as hot.

The Long Way Home (1997)

23,160 views After WWII, Jewish Holocaust survivors are moved into Displaced Persons' camps. After delays, more physical hardship, and years of uncertainty, they are permitted to begin new lives in Israel and the U.S.

Area 51: The Alien Interview (1997)


21,080 views A documentary about aliens and UFOs with re-enactments of alien interviews and video of a supposedly real video of an alien being interviewed by government officials.

The Story of Bean (1997)

20,780 views A little documentary which simply chronicles the story behind the television series "Mr. Bean" (1989) and the film Bean (1997), released that year. It tells the story of Rowan Atkinson and shows clips of him as a child, as well as shows skits from "Not the Nine O'Clock News" (1979) and "Black Adder, The" (1983) and, of course, sketches from the Mr. Bean series and clips from the film.

The Forbidden Book (1997)


16,120 views The history of the English Bible.Did you know that during the period of A.D. 100 and A.D. 400 the Bible had been translated into nearly 500 languages? Did you know that from A.D. 400 to A.D. 500 it had been reduced to just one language? A language only know to the clergy and the educated. As a result of the Bible becoming the "Forbidden Book" the dark ages were marked by superstition and ignorance. Confusion controlled the minds of the masses. However, by God's sovereing hand, He called a few brave men to preserve and restore the Bible to the people. John Wycliffe, the brilliant 14th century Oxford scholar, translated the Bible from Latin into English in order to enlighten the masses oppress...

On the Brink: Doomsday (1997)

15,550 views Hiroshima. August 6, 1945: the atomic bomb explodes. More of 70,000 dead and much more wounded. In that day, mankind discovers the power of nuclear weapons, and it discovers the fear too. When a few years later the H-Bomb explodes in the Pacific ocean the fear and panic grow up of alarming way and during 50 years, during all the Cold War, sometimes the mankind almost disappears in a nuclear apocalypse. In this travel across the time some military and war experts explain as the human race was very near of the total extinction by a nuclear holocaust. A danger what still exists today...

Trekkies (1997)


14,280 views Denice Crosby takes a first look at the huge fans of Star Trek and how the series from around America has affected and shaped their lives.

Amazon (1997)

13,480 views Both Indian shaman Julio Mamani and ethnobotanist Dr. Mark Plotkin seek medicinal plants in the basin of the Amazon River.

National Geographic's Webs of Intrigue (1997)


13,240 views Enter the world of an ancient creature that has become an expert weaver, a consummate hunter, and with more than 30,000 faces - a master of adaptation. Over millions of years spiders have developed numerous methods of capturing prey and spinning a common orb web is just one of them. In this Emmy Award-winning program, you'll witness these expert weavers and hunters in action! Meet the giant Nephila spider whose enormous web can trap small birds; the Dolomedes spider that plunges underwater to fish out a meal; and the ogre-faced spider that ambushes and traps its victims in a silken net stretched between its legs. And watch a male St. Andrews cross spider risk life and limb to court a hungry ...

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