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Broken Contract (2018)

5,460 views 10 hours ago When Max, a down on his luck strip club owner, has his life and livelihood threatened by local gangsters, he turns to his wife's connections for help and hires a hitman to solve the problem once and for all. But before long, Max is blinded by his newfound power and his family finds him spinning off the rails as the body count piles up.

Nothing to Hide (2018)


7,130 views 22 hours ago -The time of a diner, couples of friends decide to play a "game": each must place his mobile phone in the middle of the table and each Sms, phone call, mail, Facebook message, etc. must be shared with the other. It will not wait long for that this "game" turns into a nightmare.

Nobody's Fool (2018) HDCAM 360p


58,260 views 1 day ago A woman is released from prison and reunites with her sister. She soon discovers that her sister is in an online relationship with a man who may not be what he seems.

Freelancers Anonymous (2018)


10,890 views 1 day ago Billie #hatesherjob and quits mere months before getting married. She meets a ragtag group of women also looking for employment, and finds herself juggling her upcoming wedding with launching a new tech start-up.

Videomannen (2018)

20,940 views 2 days ago A VHS collector with a drinking problem finds a valuable movie that could save him from eviction. When the movie gets stolen he starts a desperate hunt for a perpetrator. An alcoholic woman obsessed with the 80s is a victim of work place bullying and struggles to develop a relationship with her grown up daughter. These outsiders joined by nostalgia and broken dreams starts a romance and make each other self aware, a step in the right direction when trying to solve their respective problems.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018)

10,560 views 2 days ago An anthology film comprised of six stories, each dealing with a different aspect of life in the Old West.

The Long Dumb Road (2018)


8,770 views 2 days ago Two guys serendipitously meet at a time when they both find themselves at personal crossroads and decide to embark on an unplanned road trip across the American Southwest.

Pretty Outrageous (2017)

5,910 views 2 days ago Three talented teens enter a local competition to be the next big Girl Band, thwarted at every turn, by bad luck, bad timing, bad neighbors and bad boyfriends, but aided by a crazy uncle and a moody sister, they must seek their bands missing key to become the success they deserve!

BROS. Last Call (2018)


8,950 views 3 days ago Watch BROS. Last Call (2018) Full Movie Online Free

Fear, Love, and Agoraphobia (2018)


11,080 views 4 days ago Chet, a 29 year old agoraphobic man, is abandoned by his mother, and only friend, leaving him desperate to find a new "anchor" in his life. Maggie, a homeless, alcoholic former Marine, discovers a safe-haven living with Chet. Fear Love and Agorphobia is the story of two emotionally disabled people, struggling to overcome paralyzing circumstances and move forward in their lives.

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