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Perilous (2002)


1,480 views A lawyer is on a business trip to St. Petersburg. When a beautiful woman on the run runs into him and asks for help, he is thrown into a dangerous world of jewel thieves and gangsters.

The Zebra Killer (1974)

1,480 views Based on the real events that shocked San Franisco in the early 70's. Mac portrays the role of The Zebra Killer, a white man who dresses in black makeup and strolls the city of San Francisco stalking, raping and killing young women. Lt. Savage hears that the Killer has killed his girlfriend. Lt. Savage goes everywhere to find and kill the maniac, along with the help of Williams and Robert.

Poet's Pub (1949)

1,480 views A struggling young poet in love manages a country inn, and thwarts a kidnapping attempt.

Hell Swarm (2000)

1,470 views An ex-convict teams with government agents to battle an advanced race bent on conquering Earth.

Separate Lives (1995)

1,470 views The ex-cop Tom Beckwith has just quit his police job in order to study psychology. But his professor, Lauren Porter, is more interested in his criminology abilities than in his progress in ...

Strike Force (1975)

1,470 views A New York City detective teams up with a federal agent and a state trooper to bust up a drug ring.

Hell High (1989)

1,470 views A teacher still haunted by the death of two teens that she accidentally caused as a young girl goes beserk when four teens start harassing her and then attack her in her home.

Downstairs (2015)

1,470 views An inquisitive night security guard is tormented by evil spirits.

Judgement (1992)

1,470 views A musically talented Chicano teen gets involved with a gang after a music teacher throws him out of a classroom where he snuck in too practice the piano. Aligning himself with the gang, they sneak back in and destroy the music room. This leads to more major crimes including a drive by shooting. A judge (Chelsea Walker) then tries to aid the boy, whom she does not believe is the standard gang member.

Restraining Order (1999)

1,470 views Robert Woodfield is a criminal defense attorney, and he has defended a lot of criminals, many of whom are guilty, but has maintained that everyone deserves a competent defense, which he provides whether they are guilty or not. Currently he is defending Martin Ritter, a killer, whom he gets off. Later he has dinner with a friend, and his friend tells him that he needs to talk to him about something important. He is about to leave when some masked men go to his friend and kill him, when one of the men takes off his mask; it's Martin Ritter. Now being his lawyer, Robert can't say anything about what he saw. But that doesn't stop him from investigating what his dead friend was so worried about. ...