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Zoot Suit (1981)

87,130 views A kind of musical accompanying the story of the early 1940's and the effect that the "zoot suit" (a man's suit of long jacket and pegged pants, always worn with a long keychain that looped almost to the ankle.... the rebellious fashion of young men) had on the morals and attitudes of the people of that era.

Zodiac (2014) BRRip 360p

IMDb 3.3 Genre:

1,102,210 views Director: Wd Hogan
Cast: Christopher Lloyd, Joel Gretsch, Reilly Dolman

Zombies (1964)


8,380 views A cancer researcher on a remote Caribbean island discovers that by treating the natives with snake venom he can turn them into bug-eyed zombies...

Zig Zag (2002)


20,240 views Dean Singer has terminal cancer, yet is determined to spend his last days taking care of his 15 year-old 'big brother program' protégé, Louis 'Zig Zag' Fletcher. Dean got Louis a dishwasher job in shamelessly abusive, exploiting Mr. 'The Toad' Walters' restaurant. Louis' dead-beat, neglecting yet abusive dad pushes him for 'rent' (actually to repay violent loan-shark Cadillac Tom), which the half-wit gets by - stealing from Walters' safe, remembering numbers being his only talent. Singer is determined to return the money, despite excessive risks, with surprising allies.

Zombie Lake (1981)


21,220 views In a small village, somewhere in France, German soldiers, killed and thrown into the lake by the Resistance during WW II, come back.

Zab Judah vs Paulie Malignaggi (2013)


46,540 views Judah (42-8, 29 KOs) and 33-year old Malignaggi (32-5, 7 KOs)

Zombie Dawn (2011)


75,440 views 2006. A mysterious mining accident in a remote territory unleashes an unspeakable horror that creates a zombie horde with an appetite for human flesh. It decimates large portions of the country. The only course of action is to rapidly enclose the infected areas and seal them off from the rest of the remaining, living population. NOW. 15 years later the tattered remains of the government and the mining corporation responsible where the initial event took place commit themselves to finding out what may have happened at the mining complex. The solution is to send in a group of mercenaries and scientists into the quarantined zone to find answers. Crossing over is just the beginning...

Zoe Gone (2014)

189,670 views Director: Conor Allyn
Cast: Sammi Hanratty, Alexandra Holden, Andrea Bowen

Zombiethon (1986)

17,750 views A compilation of trailers and previews from films having to do with zombies.

Zatoichi on the Road (1963)

15,070 views Blind swordsman/masseuer Ichi (or "Zatoichi") is asked by a dying man to deliver the maiden Mitsu (or "Omitsu") to her family in Edo, and Zatoichi feels honor-bound to do so. But rival gangs each have an interest in kidnapping the girl for ransom. Zatoichi joins with one of the gangs when the other gang captures Mitsu, but he then finds that to rescue her, he must fight both gangs.

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